The sustainable production of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna


The issue

To date, tuna cannot be reproduced in aqua farms at large scale. The USD 40 billion global tuna market is fully based on wild catch. Wild tuna is endangered due to this unsustainable approach.


Our mission

Next Tuna will be the first company to complete the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna’s reproductive cycle in large-scale aquaculture. We will provide the only sustainable source of healthy Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, meeting growing demand for this most precious tuna species.


Our solution

We replace the unsustainable catch of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. Next Tuna will plan and build the first commercial land-based, Atlantic Bluefin Tuna specific aqua farm to successfully breed this species in safe and controlled conditions. We will draw on latest scientific developments in Atlantic Bluefin Tuna breeding.

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Next Tuna GmbH
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